The Sixth Wave

"The Making of a Promise to the Endangered Species of the Earth and Our Future Generations"

Fast forward 20 years. You are describing an elephant to someone who has never seen one before. They are now extinct. You refer to pictures and videos and a lucky few will be able to run their fingers over a small sample of skin. How can you adequately portray an elephant's enormous grace? Their mammoth size? The magnificent tosses of their trunks and the harmonious discordance of their trumpeted songs will never be seen or heard again. How will you explain their demise?

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Fast forward another 40 or 50 years when most of us who have seen living elephants will no longer be alive to help tell their stories. We have come to realize we are in the midst of a mass extinction. Most of the animals you see in this slideshow don't have another 20 years of existence unless extraordinary measures are quickly and effectively implemented.

For some of these species, like the South China Tiger, it may already be too late. However, if their plight can teach those hard lessons (and we can learn from them) they will provide a much needed "wake up" call to a world that will suffer greatly from additional losses.

Save the Species Worldwide is a group of concerned and dedicated individuals who take seriously this "wake up" call. They have begun a massive and extraordinary global campaign of education and the preservation of threatened, endangered and critically endangered plant and animal species worldwide.

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This wildlife docudrama and its associated educational materials will demonstrate, to both children and adults, the steps that are essential in preserving God's creatures. These steps include recognizing and appreciating the simple magnificence of Nature; developing habitats and breeding programs and educating governments on how initiatives and enforceable policies will prevent future, irreparable damage to our planet.

Our Mission

We at Save the Species Worldwide have always known that the mission we are committed to is our "Creators" mission-not ours. We've made a promise to the "Creator," to His/Her creatures, to ourselves, and future generations. This promise is to educate individual people, communities and governments, to become better stewards of the great gifts He/She has given us and to motivate people to work in a spirit of cooperation to preserve all species – including the human race....WE PROMISE!