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About Us

Save the Species Worldwide (SSWW) exists to make a significant positive impact on the survival of threatened, endangered and critically endangered plant and animal species.

Through educational wildlife documentary films, products and programs, Save the Species Worldwide is raising awareness about endangered species and the importance of preserving these animals and their fragile, vanishing habitats.

We strive to motivate individuals, communities, corporations and governments to act in responsible ways to ensure the survival of our creatures on earth.

Our Mission

We at Save the Species Worldwide have always known that the mission we are committed to is our "Creators" mission-not ours. We've made a promise to the "Creator," to His/Her creatures, to ourselves, and future generations. This promise is to educate individual people, communities and governments, to become better stewards of the great gifts He/She has given us and to motivate people to work in a spirit of cooperation to preserve all species – including the human race....WE PROMISE!