Environmental Organizations


Audubon Society of Portland
A great supporting organization of Save the Species Worldwide.


Endangered Species International
Endangered Species International is strongly committed to reversing the trend of human-induced species extinction, saving endangered animals, and preserving wild places!


Marine Conservation Thailand
Marine conservation has been at the heart of our Koh Tao dive school since it was started over 15 years ago. The New Heaven Reef Conservation Program (NHRCP) was founded at our dive school in 2007 to teach divers about coral reef ecology, research, and restoration. We believe that the people most closely connected to the reef should be the ones that care for it, and so we are trying to get more and more divers involved in marine education and conservation. Through various ongoing marine projects and ocean monitoring studies we engages in the many facets of marine conservation Thailand has to offer.


Earth Justice
Earthjustice, founded in 1971 as the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, first used the courts as a conservation tool when it saved the pristine Mineral King Valley in California's scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains from becoming the world's largest ski resort.


Kids Saving the Rainforest
Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) began in 1999 in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica when Janine Licare and Aislin Livingstone were 9 years old. Janine and Aislin saw the rainforest disappearing from their beloved home and the negative impact of this on the animals, particularly the mono titi monkeys. They were kids inspired to save the precious rainforest, so voila, our name became Kids Saving the Rainforest!


Koh Exist: EMP (Ecological Monitoring Program)
Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP) is a coral reef research program started by the CPAD foundation on Koh Tao and carried forth by the Save Koh Tao and the individual dive shops. Through this program, Save Koh Tao collects information on the biodiversity and abundance of the fish, invertebrate, and coral species on Koh Tao.


Defenders of Wildlife
Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities. We focus our programs on what scientists consider two of the most serious environmental threats to the planet: the accelerating rate of extinction of species and the associated loss of biological diversity, and habitat alteration and destruction. Long known for our leadership on endangered species issues, Defenders of Wildlife also advocates new approaches to wildlife conservation that will help keep species from becoming endangered. Our programs encourage protection of entire ecosystems and interconnected habitats while protecting predators that serve as indicator species for ecosystem health.


Endangered Species Coalition
The Endangered Species Coalition is a non-partisan coalition working with decisionmakers from all parties; with over 360 member groups located all across the country, including conservation organizations, scientific associations, religious organizations, hunting and fishing associations, hiking clubs, humane societies, student groups and concerned citizens, we are as diverse as the species we are working to protect.


Jenny Jonak Photography
We would like to thank Jenny for her continued support and the generous contribution of some of the images seen on this site.


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy works as a catalyst for the conservation of wildlife and its habitat. It does this through the protection and management of species, the initiation and support of community conservation and development programs, and the education of neighboring areas in the value of wildlife.


Kids' Guide to Ocean and Marine Wildlife Conservation
Dolphins leap gracefully out of the ocean beneath the setting sun. Baby sea turtles run across the sand to the water. Seals glide playfully through the water. The ocean is one of our most incredible resources, and it's home to thousands of incredible creatures. But it's in danger. We can work together to save the oceans and help protect marine wildlife, but it requires a big commitment to making changes and educating others about the importance of these changes


Green is Love
Our mission is to spread the message of conservation and eco-conscious living throughout and beyond our community. We are excited to share these messages through not just our online material, but through our actions. As a community organization, we work with our members and community leadership to establish eco-friendly community initiatives and programming that positively impacts our community.

Healing Humans


Bio-Mats - Infrared, Negative Ions, Amethyst
A wonderful healing device -- Highly recommended


Healing Waves
Healing Waves, LLC brings you higher states of health and wellness through the application of new paradigm healing technologies.

Business Services


MVP Programs - Easy to use Statistical Analysis software
A division of MVP Programs creates awesome Websites like this one. They also have a division that creates easy-to-use statistical analysis software.


Wandering Dog Films
Since 2003, the crew at Wandering Dog Films has made filmmaking their obsession, whether they are working on their own creative endeavors or helping clients with theirs. They specialize in independent productions and any other project looking to keep production values up and costs down.